MARANT Construction officially achieves carbon neutrality   

TORONTO, ON – June 5, 2024 – MARANT Construction has taken a significant step forward towards environmental stewardship; we are proud to announce we have officially achieved carbon neutrality. With a firm commitment and goal to reach net-zero emissions by the end of 2024, this is a major milestone in effort to be part of the solution towards a more sustainable future.

In partnership with Carbonzero, a leading carbon management solutions provider in Canada,  MARANT began the process to measure and mitigate our carbon footprint across operations in Toronto, Ottawa and Kitchener-Waterloo. Using the internationally recognized Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Protocol, a thorough examination of emissions from Scope 1, Scope 2, and select Scope 3 sources were measured, providing MARANT with valuable insights.

The collaboration with Carbonzero extended beyond the measurement of MARANT’s carbon footprint and included  sourcing third-party verified, nature-based carbon offsetting projects in Canada. To achieve carbon neutrality, the emission reduction projects MARANT is supporting includes the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project and the Niagara Escarpment Forest Carbon Project.

“At Carbonzero, we have seen the accelerated demand over the past decade for sustainability and climate impacts to be considered in the construction industry,” says Liam Conway, VP Advisory Services at Carbonzero, “it has been our pleasure working with the MARANT team to help them build a strong foundation for greenhouse gas management for years to come.”

The decision for MARANT to become carbon neutral underscores our broader commitment to sustainability in the construction sector, and the recognition of the growing need and demand amongst clients to demonstrate measured sustainability performance. By evaluating the carbon footprint of our business operations across Ontario, MARANT can now identify actions that will help to reduce emissions over time.

“Achieving carbon neutrality is a milestone that reflects our dedication to reducing our environmental impact and upholding our responsibility as industry leaders” says Jad Younis, VP Business Development & Pre-Construction at MARANT. “This achievement marks a pivotal moment in our effort to create a more sustainable future.”  

Looking ahead, MARANT is committed to implementing innovative operational strategies recommended by Carbonzero to further enhance our sustainability efforts and reduce our carbon footprint. Together, we are paving the way towards a greener and more environmentally responsible future.


Carbonzero has been a North American industry leader in greenhouse gas measurement, reduction, and carbon offsetting solutions for more than 15 years. We support Canadian and international companies to measure their corporate greenhouse gas emissions and work with them to identify emissions reduction strategies. Carbonzero is also a provider of high quality and third-party verified carbon offsets and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), which can be used as part of a company’s carbon neutral or net-zero strategy. As a trusted partner in the GHG emissions consulting market for more than a decade, Carbonzero is ready to support your business on its next corporate sustainability project.

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