MARANT takes a unique collaborative approach to the Construction Management process, by integrating the design development phase within the Pre-construction process. Through our dedicated Pre-construction division, we work strategically alongside the design team to anticipate and resolve problems much earlier than would be possible without this approach.

The Pre-construction department allows us to act as our client’s construction consultant from the early stages – creating the ability to mitigate client’s project risks related to quality, procurement, budget, and schedule; as well as dedicate substantial resources to the planning phase of the project.

Deliverables for this service include: budget estimates, early procurement, value engineering, sub-trade planning approaches, scheduling analysis, and pre-tender drawing reviews.

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General Construction tendering, though more traditional in approach, remains effective when combined with a healthy schedule, no complexities, and tight construction documents. Our clients can be assured that MARANT’s stipulated bid price will be both competitive and qualified.

Beginning with carefully reviewing tender documents when received, MARANT prepares a thorough list of clarifications for the prime consultant to address. This process ensures our pricing is as complete as possible, and helps to avoid future cost issues altogether. Additionally, we issue drawings to sub-trades that are known for their quality workmanship and responsiveness in communication.

From contract award, MARANT takes ownership and control to guarantee a seamless project flow. We mobilize our team, award sub-contracts, and assume full responsibility of the construction site, until the space is complete and turned over to the client.


MARANT is well-qualified to consult in a strategic capacity with members of the real estate and project management community during pre-lease negotiations.

To appropriately provide strategic consultations, MARANT visits the sites of short-listed real estate options, and completes an overview space audit related to systems, and editing conditions.  Working in conjunction with the feasibility plans provided by selected design professionals and / or project managers, we prepare budget estimates and preliminary construction timelines. We also provide the broker with critical information based on our expertise and our building and / or space audits, which can be used as leverage during lease negotiations.

The expertise MARANT provides during pre-lease services will help complete the financials necessary to present a thorough real estate options analysis.


MARANT’s goal has always been to build client relationships based on trust, integrity, and excellent service. That is why we established a Customer Care Service Team to look after all your facility refresh, repair, and maintenance needs.

Our work is defined by making sure you have a construction advisor you can always lean on.

We provide services either as one-offs to our clients as needed or are available under Master Services Agreements.

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