MARANT Ottawa Demonstrates Commitment to Sustainability in Office Expansion  

OTTAWA, ON – May 23, 2024 – MARANT Construction Ottawa officially unveiled its newly expanded office space, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The expansion project, undertaken in collaboration with local partners 4té Inc. and Goodkey, Weedmark & Associates, reflects MARANT’s dedication to creating workspaces that promote collaboration and prioritize eco-conscious practices.

Centrally located in Ottawa’s downtown at 220 Laurier Avenue West, MARANT’s new office space offers easy access for clients while remaining connected with the surrounding urban community. The newly expanded office boasts innovative design elements, including a design-elevated kitchen serving as the heart of the office space, and a technologically advanced boardroom providing connectivity and space for team gatherings. The construction process for this project involved numerous environmentally conscientious decisions, resulting in significant cost-saving measures.

Emily Chamberlain, Partner at 4té Inc. emphasized, “Working on MARANT’s office project in Ottawa has been both an honour and a delightful experience. Their strong commitment to sustainability was evident from the outset, and as Interior Designers, our mandate was to maximize the reuse of their architectural and furniture elements. MARANT’s knowledgeable team played a crucial role in planning and executing this aspect efficiently in their new space.”

Sustainability extended beyond interior design to construction practices
One of the project’s goals was to reuse and repurpose existing materials. Salvaged glass partitions, signature oak slat feature elements, specialty lighting, filing millwork, kitchen & servery millwork, along with appliances, were seamlessly integrated into the new office preventing unnecessary landfill contributions. By minimizing waste and maximizing resource efficiency, MARANT was able to successfully further reduce its environmental footprint.

As the team settles into their new home, MARANT Ottawa proudly reflects on their journey towards sustainability, setting a precedent for responsible corporate stewardship. The completion of this project serves as an example of how businesses can integrate sustainability into their core practices, paving the way for a greener and more environmentally conscious future.

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