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Thanks to Matt DiCintio, Regional Director of Operations in Ottawa, for keeping things moving forward.

The real estate decision to renew for this organization in the existing space in Ottawa, ON opened the opportunity to modernize and freshen up the work environment. Using new open concept design and workplace standards, the organization was able to align the new workplace with their cultural objectives related to collaboration, health and wellness, technology, and ergonomics.

The new design was a welcome change for all employees. The organization created a more dynamic, productive workplace by opening-up the space, adding colour and vibrance, as well as alternative meeting amenities, including the café/lounge for casual gatherings and information exchanges. The addition of moveable wall systems in the more formal meeting rooms provided the organization with the flexibility to open-up the space for training and townhall meetings. The space now reflects and facilitates the organization’s mission statement, which is to take action on issues that matter to Canadians.