Case Study Interac Corporation

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With a challenging schedule, MARANT was able to quickly respond to unforeseen issues during the construction and, together with the consulting team, brought this beautifully designed, fast-track project in on time. Interac is extremely happy with the result.

Jody Russelle Managing Director, Project Management, Cushman & Wakefield Ltd.

The “hyper-tracked” schedule to construct the office space was critical to the success of the overall relocation process and was completed in eight weeks, including the holidays with a week to deliver and install all new furniture in 33,000 sf of space over two floors. Expansion space (5,000 sf) was added on the 20th floor, which was completed the following year.

As the design concept called the office fronts to be constructed using a floor to ceiling glass wall system, pin-point scheduling was required to coordinate the product’s installation, as it overlapped with the actual hard construction activity. MARANT worked closely with the project manager and interior designer to ensure that the design intent was achievable within the budget parameters.