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I was very impressed with the level of detail and dedication to our project that MARANT’s team provided. Our site superintendent was the best I have ever experienced.... he was terrific in every way, and gave 110% to getting our project done right and on time.

Jaime Watt Executive Chairman, Navigator Ltd.

MARANT was retained under a construction management contract by Navigator’s Project Manager and their relocation team. The company had outgrown its space and was keen for the opportunity to create a new workplace environment that better suited its culture and the needs of its employees and, specifically, its clients.

A unique aspect of the 18th floor space was a two-storey atrium area, which was integrated into a multipurpose room that is used as a lunch room, lounge and as an open area for client receptions. Unique lighting fixtures, millwork, wall and floor treatments were incorporated into the space giving it a sophisticated yet grounded tone.

The entrance to the suite has an off centre vestibule with a side entry that is uncommon in corporate office towers. The door and surround is quarter cut walnut with hidden custom hardware that links the demising walls, which are custom glazing. A truly original space that was completed on time and budget to the great delight of Navigator’s team.