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With a challenging, multi-phased project schedule, the team at MARANT was able to quickly respond to unforeseen issues during the construction and, together with the core consulting team, got the project done on time & to a great final result. Well done!

Terry McCarthy Global Facilities Manager, SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is the world’s most widely used cloud-based survey development software-as-a-service platform. Following a vigorous selection process, MARANT was retained as the construction manager for this Ottawa-based project.

The design intent of the multi-floor facility was to reflect the corporate and support the corporate brand,  personality, culture, and workflows of SurveyMonkey. The work environment is 90% open plan, using benching systems in clusters or ‘neighbourhoods.’ As such, construction needed to accommodate an adequate buffer between group, team, and client meeting spaces, as well as hoteling desks, and private phone rooms.

Having been hired prior to final site selection, MARANT helped value-engineer throughout the design development phase. Serviced through our Ottawa office, the MARANT team provided estimates on various design feasibilities which would offer the highest design standard for SurveyMonkey’s fixed budgetary parameters. The project was completed on schedule and to the complete satisfaction of the client and core team.