Case Study Toronto Holocaust Museum

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I am extremely proud and honoured to have been a part of such a meaningful project that will touch the lives of those impacted by the museum now, as well as the many generations to come.

David Fuentes Project Manager, MARANT Construction Ltd.

MARANT was retained as the construction manager for this significant institution dedicated to the education and preservation of the Holocaust history. Constructing the museum posed a challenge at first, given its intricate design featuring curved partitions with level 5 drywall finish throughout the space. Despite this complexity, our team has successfully integrated a sophisticated HVAC system within a discreet ceiling plenum above the museum’s finished ceiling.

The museum is organized into thematic rooms and within these spaces, there are a diverse array of exhibits, interactive displays, authentic artifacts, and compelling audiovisual presentations. This multifaceted approach vividly brings the history of the Holocaust to life, ensuring a meaningful and impactful visit for all.